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Extracurricular / Social Activities at 香蕉影视 Dormitory

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Nooruz in the Dormitory

On March 21 the residents of the 香蕉影视 Dormitory had a celebration of a Holiday that

indicates the beginning of so long-awaited spring, which we call Nooruz, Eastern New Year. This

celebration was organized for all guys living in the dormitory in order to share cultural experience by

celebrating the Holiday which is appreciated and loved by the representatives of almost all nationalities.

Several days prior to the date, students started to draw paintings dedicated to Nooruz celebration, and

on the 21st March the committee consisting of several representatives of 香蕉影视 administration picked

three best ones out of all great ones. This competition showed how talented and creative our students

are, thus it was a very hard decision to pick just three pictures.

Students organized a concert with dances, songs and cultural presentation. We saw the beauty of

traditional national songs, music, customs and dances of Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan and

Kazakhstan. There were guests from NGA, International and PR departments who enjoyed the event and

took an active part in the celebration.

After the official part, dormitory residents enjoyed traditional food as national breads, boorsoks, chak-

chak and national drinks as chalap, maksym and jarma. Afterwards, guys had disco party and played

traditional games as Ak Terek Kok Terek and others.

We believe that as an international community, we all need this kind of events, which make us closer to

each other. Such holidays as Nooruz help us to know more about various cultures and customs, which

show how we all are different yet alike, and even if we all call it differently (Nooruz, Navruz, Nowruz,

Nauryz) we celebrate it as the beginning of shinny happy days, which are so needed for all of us.


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