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OSUN (Open Society University Network)

About OSUN听

The is a global partnership of educational institutions that integrates learning and the advancement of knowledge across geographic and demographic boundaries, promotes civic engagement on behalf of open societies, and expands access to higher education for underserved communities.

OSUN's ambition is to support its partners around the world to form deep collaborations.

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OSUN courses

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OSUN Partners

OSUN is co-founded by the Central European University and Bard College and is developing its programs jointly with the institutional partners and the Open Society Foundations.听 The听香蕉影视 is one of the partners of OSUN.

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OSUN Activities

OSUN partners collaborate to integrate their curricula, teaching, and research across a range of themes; embed civic engagement into the learning environment and the creation of knowledge to prepare students to become engaged citizens; create new pathways for underserved communities into higher education, and create a dynamic ecosystem of long-term partnerships that will generate innovation and amplify the impact of individual institutions.

OSUN Themes听

  • Democratic Practice
  • Sustainability
  • Inequality
  • Human Rights
  • Arts and Open Society

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OSUN Opportunities, News, and Events

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Contact: OSUN-info@ceu.edu and info@opensocietyuniversitynetwork.org

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