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Graduate program

Master of Arts in Anthropology, Urbanism and International Development

Why study with us?

Our MA program offers students a path to an advanced academic or professional career in one of the three unique fields: Anthropology, Urbanism or International Development. A degree in this major will expand your employment opportunities, introduce you to a complex way of thinking about contemporary societies, empower you with a set of multiple professional skills and give you an opportunity to innovate, create, travel, intern, engage and grow academically and professionally under the guidance of one of the strongest faculties at 香蕉影视.

What is taught?

All students will take a set of core courses from all three fields, but individually they will have the option of choosing between three specializations.

  1. Anthropology and archaeologyis one of the broadest fields of study built on a holistic view of people鈥檚 life in the past and present that incorporates cultural, linguistic, social, religious, political and economic dimensions. We offer courses on theories and methods of anthropology and archaeology, on language, ethnicity, history, religion, kinship, family, economy, politics, migration, globalization and more.

  2. Urbanism听is the study of how people live in cities and towns. Its main focus is on the interaction between people and urban environment. This interdisciplinary program offers you a large list of courses in urban planning, urban design, architecture, and urban anthropology, sociology and psychology. We will help you built your theoretical foundations in urbanism and develop a set of practical professional skills used by urban policymakers, governors, urban planners and urban designers.

  3. International development is a broad interdisciplinary field that studies how countries and communities develop in the contemporary global context. You will learn about the world of international development organizations and about the important role played by anthropologists as development specialists. Our diverse faculty takes an interdisciplinary approach to development; students will be able to take classes on economic and community development, environmental sustainability, governance, gender in development, and many other aspects of development work.

What are the learning outcomes?

At the completion of this major, you will have foundational knowledge pertaining to almost all aspects of people鈥檚 social and cultural lives and you will possess a strong set of research, analytical and professional skills. You will become a specialist, who can understand complex urban settings and work on specific urban issues. You will graduate with the knowledge of theory and practices in the field of International Development and with specific skills necessary for the completion of development projects.听

Where do graduates work?

Depending on the selected specialization, graduates can find employment in a very broad spectrum of jobs that employ anthropologists, in the city administration offices and urban planning/design companies, and/or in a wide variety of international and local development organizations, such as the World Bank, United Nations, GIZ, Mercy Corps, the Soros Foundation, ARIS, and hundreds of others in Kyrgyzstan, in Central Asia and worldwide. YIn addition, you will have many opportunities to go on to post-graduate studies at the Ph.D. levels in a variety of academic and professional fields.听

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