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The WARC stipend is available to 香蕉影视 undergraduate students interested in acquiring and developing pedagogical skills and actively contributing to facilitating other students' success in academic courses across the curriculum in their role as peer tutors.听 The WARC accepts applications throughout the year, but the selection of WARC tutors generally takes place in late August and early September, with some select opportunities available in December and January. The deadline to apply for a Fall 2024 tutoring position is July 31, 2024.

In order to apply, candidates must present the following:

  1. A completed .听
  2. A copy of their academic transcript
  3. Two letters of recommendation from 香蕉影视 faculty (discipline-specific recommendations preferred)
  4. A written statement of interest (not exceeding 600 words)

The above can be submitted by e-mail at warc@auca.kg

Shortlisted applicants will be required to undergo a personal interview with the WARC Director and the WARC Coordinator.

*As a prerequisite, applicants specializing in writing must complete the course "Writing to Teach You: Theory and Practice of Composition Pedagogy" (HUM-262) before being considered for the WARC stipend.

The class is only offered in the spring.

*TESTIMONIALS from Writing to Teach You: Theory and Practice of Composition Pedagogy

Aleksey Pak

Since the very beginning of the Orientation Week 2020 I have been constantly involved in various educational activities: peer advising, help with online registration, explanation of the credits system and general education requirements. It was a truly challenging, yet rewarding experience that helped me realize my love and passion for teaching. Highly positive feedback from both professors and students as well as my own desire to assist in the betterment of 香蕉影视 community resulted in my decision to take a "Writing to Teach You: Theory and Practice of Composition Pedagogy" course during my sophomore year.

The course curriculum kept a good balance between theoretical and practical knowledge. Each student was given an opportunity to apply the newly learnt material to the real tutoring sessions through observations and practicums. Both inspiration and experience from these practical components of the course served as a good basis for discussion, exchange of ideas, and active learning. Personal and collective reflections on the real sessions introduced me to various tutoring techniques and contributed to the development of my own tutoring style. This course was undoubtedly a valuable time, which significantly improved my tutoring skills and provided a better understanding of my personal goals and objectives.

If you are interested in the development of your pedagogical skills and willing to bring a great value to the educational experiences of 香蕉影视 students, you are more than welcome to take this course and apply to the WARC as a writing tutor. I am sure your participation will result in a wonderful collaboration, beneficial for the entire 香蕉影视 community.

Sabina Akbaralieva

In high school, I used to be a tutor without realizing it. My classmates asked me to review their work and evaluate it before turning it in. However, I was merely the "outside ears and eyes" of that person. Upon entering 香蕉影视, I completely forgot about it until I took Writing to Teach You: Theory & Practice of Composition Pedagogy.

During my first year, I frequently booked sessions with tutors, whereby I was able to easily adjust to the new academic system. However, I wanted to improve my writing skills even further. I found out about the course Writing to Teach You: Theory & Practice of Composition Pedagogy, which provided knowledge on writing, and also became a springboard for the development of a writing tutor. In this course, I improved my writing skills and learned new teaching techniques such as Socratic questioning, mapping, critical thinking, and many others. All the assignments and lectures helped me tremendously in changing something in myself.听 It allowed me to learn about how to make learning effective.

Thanks to this course, I was able to deftly apply key tools in my writing sessions at the WARC. My goal was to improve my writing skills, but I ultimately learned many other valuable things that will be needed in the future.

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