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Staff Civic Engagement

On the edge of Bishkek

In the months of April and June, 2021, Mingoiim Nishonova together with NGA students organized an ecological project in the Bishkek city dump. The goal of this project was to highlight ecological issues in the Bishkek city dump through short stories and photography art directed to all Bishkek citizens. During the implementation process, the following activities were carried out: data collection at the city dump with volunteers, data analysis, and creating stories.

As a result, 11 short stories were created which challenged ecological and social issues of the society, and 3 online exhibitions were held via Zoom.

鈥淥n the edge of Bishkek鈥 project was supported by the 香蕉影视 Presidential Research and Education Fund (PREF) 2020-2021 funding.

About project leader: Mingoiim Nishonova is an NGA Administrative Assistant at the 香蕉影视

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