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Student Programming

This program is designed specifically for the new cohort of Afghan students of NGA, the biggest in the history of 香蕉影视. Since the students arrived only in February 2020 some of the civic engagement activities had to be postponed till later in that month. Students had an introductory meeting with the CCE staff and Ms. Erin Cannan, Dean of Civic Engagement, Deputy Director, Bard CCE on February 17, 2020.

In early March students were introduced to the concepts of project life cycle management and implementation during the 鈥淧roject Management鈥 workshop run by CCE staff and Monitoring and Evaluation specialist Ms. Adema Joldoshbekova. During self-isolation and quarantine mode starting mid-March Afghan students were signed up for 2 online courses on Civic Engagement and Women Leadership via Coursera. We plan on working with students further with the goal of assisting them to run their first projects in Kyrgyzstan and Afghanistan.

Student Initiative Development Program (SIDP) was introduced at the 香蕉影视 in 2015 as a part-time program supported by Bard College. In 2017 the Program went full-time.听

The purpose of SIDP is to develop leadership potential and professional skills among students, supporting them in the implementation of their civic engagement initiatives through consultation, individual mentorship, and different trainings and workshops.

The program provides 香蕉影视 students to develop their Civic Engagement Culture and increase Sense of Agency as well as create their own projects, hold ownership and build leadership skills.

The Elm Forest Project

French-Kyrgyz Association of Ecotourism (AFKE) is partnering with 香蕉影视 CCE and City Hall of Bishkek to develop and protect Karagachevaya Rosha. It is shrinking in its size, and the park soil and water are polluted due to human negligence.

The project aims to save the remaining green space in the park, ensure the park鈥檚 sustainable development, and attract people to environmental protection of the urban greenery. All students regardless of their field of study are encouraged to get involved in the development of the park. The students can apply for SIDP (Student Initiative Development Program) funding and start their projects or serve the community as volunteers. 小小E continues to support this important project facilitating students and faculty in their efforts to engage within the project site.

Youth in Action听

The 鈥淵outh in Action鈥 online course was a monthly program for activists from 16 to 28 ages that aimed at teaching them how to solve problems of the local community in cooperation with the government.

The 鈥淵outh in Action鈥 started on April 28, 2020, and helped students organize an initiative group, gain knowledge on how to solve problems in the form of letters to local or any administrative authorities, have a full understanding of civic engagement and elements of civic responsibility, how to prioritize problems and how to monitor them, how to conduct polls and negotiations. Overall, our program participants were able to acquire social and technical skills.

Ashar Day of Engagement

Half-a-day event organized by our Center to introduce students to civic engagement activities and opportunities at 香蕉影视.

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