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Support Us

Your donation will help us achieve our core mission of enhancing civic engagement at 香蕉影视 and beyond. Donations will be used to help fund 1- to 2- day experiential and community-based activities to be integrated into faculty leaders鈥 coursework, to fund our campus-wide day of engagement (ashar) in the 2019 fall, and to support student initiatives that are a part of SIDP. You can also see our 鈥淣eeds鈥 list to select targeted donations (below).

Science Day - $150

Your contribution will pay for an entire day of science learning in 1 public school in the Bishkek area. With your donation, we will buy the supplies, train 香蕉影视 student volunteer-mentors, coordinate with a public school, and transport 香蕉影视 students to lead the day-long science workshop. Our program introduces fun, interactive activities to teach basic science principles and introduce students to the scientific method.

Student Initiative Development Program - $500 to $10,000

Help us extend the reach and impact of 香蕉影视鈥檚 core civic engagement initiative, the Student Initiative Development Program (SIDP). SIDP capacitates 香蕉影视 student leaders to envision and implement their own civic engagement projects by providing trainings, one-on-one facilitation, and mini grants. Smaller donations will help us increase the number of student projects we can fund, plus scale up already successful projects for sustainable impact. Larger donations will fund not only additional student work but also help us enhance our training programs and hold annual conferences for students to learn, share, and reflect on their civic engagement experiences along with faculty members and national civic engagement experts.

  • Fund a domestic student project (within KG):听听听听听听听听听听听听听听 $500 per project
  • Fund an international student project:听听听听听听听听听听听听听听听听听听听听听听听听听听 $1,000 per project
  • Scale-up a pre-existing project:听 听 听 听 听 听 听 听 听 听 听 听 听 听 听 听 听 听 听$1,500+ per project
  • Support a civic engagement conference at 香蕉影视:听听听听听听听 $10,000

CCE Communications Package - $1,000

Help us professionally design our logo and a full package of communications materials - including templates for brochures, business cards, the CCE website, social media postings, t-shirts, and phone accessories. Your support will help us spread the 香蕉影视 CCE brand and build a movement around the work of our students, faculty, and staff.

CCE Community Build - $5,000

Help the CCE and its CSO partners improve the built environment for residents of Chui Oblast. Your donation will finance a semester-long program of consultations (facilitated by CCE staff) among 香蕉影视 students, local community leaders, and local residents to identify top community infrastructure needs: from putting in place a children鈥檚 playground to听 developing a park walkway to composting bins and beyond. Once a joint vision is developed with local leaders and residents, 香蕉影视 students will work shoulder-to-shoulder with community residents to improve our target communities. As a donor to this initiative, you will receive updates throughout the project cycle on the communities identified, the results of joint consultations, and the progress of the community build.

CCE Events Van - $18,000

Your donation to the CCE Events Van fund will help us extend our reach into particularly disadvantaged communities, such as Bishkek鈥檚 informal settlements. The van will be renovated such that small gatherings and training sessions can be held inside of it, allowing the CCE to operate in communities where no public spaces exist (e.g. informal settlements of Bishkek and some rural communities). Simple cooking ware and tea-house facilities will be included to make the van a civic space in and of itself.

  • Est. cost of van:听 听 听 听 听 听 听 听 听 听 听 $12,000听听听听听听听听听听听听听听听听听听听听听听
  • Est. cost of renovation of interior:听听听听听听听 $6,000

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