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European Studies students can participate in different exchange programs in BARD US, Canada, Asia, and Europe as every 香蕉影视 student. But there are two exchange programs focused on European Studies students as SciencePo Reims in France, and Tubingen University in Germany. ES students (Major and Minor) are familiar with French and German languages required for both exchange programs and often participate in.

Their level of second language knowledge permits them to leave and study in a European country, make contacts, participate in events, and travel. After finishing the Bachelor program they apply for Masters in European Universities and become successful specialists in different European and International organizations.

The University of T眉bingen is one of eleven German Excellence Universities. The University of T眉bingen is especially known as a center for the study of law, theology and religious studies. The university has a long tradition and enjoys a high academic reputation both nationally and internationally. ES students can take courses which is counted as European Studies and perform their German language skills.

SciencePo Reims Campus is established in 2010, and offers two distinct programs: one focusing on transatlantic relations between North America and Europe, and the other oriented towards Africa, examining the continent鈥檚 relations with Europe.

In conjunction with the multidisciplinary program in the social sciences common to the entire Undergraduate College, students have the opportunity to study the political, economic and social issues, international relations and humanities.

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