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Q: What was the best class in NGA? Why do you think so?

A: NGA where we acquired so many lessons and experience while being a student, has got so many interesting and useful lectures. One of the best academic courses of NGA was our Guest Lecture Series which was听held on weekly bases. Guest Lecturers were more than overwhelming because we were able to meet听new guests, learn from their experiences new things that they were sharing with us.

Q:听What did you learn from NGA and how will you use your knowledge received in NGA in your life?

Beside our courses in NGA, I have learned many other lessons for example, to increase mutual understanding & respect, to comprehend other cultures and traditions and to face the challenges. This helps me in my life to shoulder the responsibilities and then to accumulate this knowledge, time & stress management skill for achieving my potential and dreams.

Q: Which words will you say about NGA by using only three words?听

A: NGA in three words is, open-mindedness, perseverance and sincerity

Q: Why students should or need to study in NGA?

NGA is very enlightening for the students. It opens their mind to new thoughts and ideas. It exposes them to other individuals from difference places and expends their world. Hence, if a student wishes a gateway to a superior educational environment to make his/her future brighter, needs to study in NGA. I am pretty sure that NGA challenges students鈥 ability to achieve goals, it expends student鈥檚 knowledge base in order to give them more confidence and finally it will prepare them to successful future.

Q: What is your favorite NGA memory?

A: NGA is filled with greatest memories, living in dormitory, making new friends and many others. As soon as we arrived to Bishkek we started to learn language (Russian). It was such a great class in NGA. After six months we started not only speaking in Russian language but also singing. It was a great memory that we called toward the stage in commencement day and sang Russian song.

Q: What does this mean for you to be NGA Alumni?

A: Obviously NGA Alumni is an honorable title for me. I will proud to be recognized to enhance the brand of the NGA and will try to be more successful in creating the best possible experience for the students.

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