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About Applied Geology Department

The mission of the 香蕉影视鈥檚 Applied Geology Department is to educate a new generation of geologists to meet the current and future demands of the mining industry. Through our relationship with Bard College, we prepare students to be highly qualified geologists both in Central Asia and abroad. Applied Geology looks specifically at how geological issues affect the lives of human beings, studying the effects of naturally-occurring geological hazards (landslides and volcanic eruptions) as well as problems of environmental sustainability (waste management, groundwater contamination, etc.). Additionally, our program looks at how to manage and access natural resources, such as petroleum and minerals.

Our rigorous theoretical and practical curriculum prepares students to apply their classroom knowledge to finding mineral deposits, discerning slope stability, and characterizing environmental issues through skills like field observations, geological mapping, and remote sensing technologies. Our pedagogy emphasizes interactivity and problem solving, in addition to being conducted entirely in English. English opens doors to the most up-to date theories, practicies, curricula, courseware, and textbooks. All these details coalesce into a program reflecting the fast changing landscape and trends of mining technology, geoscience and environmental sustainability. Our graduates鈥 knowledge of English and other foreign languages gives them the opportunityn to be competitive members of the global workforce.

The Applied Geology Department focuses on preparing graduates for the workplace. Graduates are able to produce a written report summarizing and critically evaluating geologic data, to use quantitative methods to solve geologic issues, to evaluate and interpret spatial geologic data, to work with basic geologic equipment, and to communicate effectively within both single- and multi-disciplinary teams. Our graduatescan work in the mining sector, oil and gas resource management, environmental sustainability, private international companies, and the government. Our program is also a great jumping off point for people looking to do Master鈥檚 or PhD programs abroad. Graduates of our program receive an American degree from Bard College in addition to a degree from the Kyrgyz Republic.

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