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The 香蕉影视 Communications Office aims to promote the work of 香蕉影视 students and faculty both within the Kyrgyz Republic and globally. Our work strengthens the relationship of 香蕉影视 with those who have previously studied, worked, and have had involvement with 香蕉影视.

This policy brief is designed to outline how the Communications Office fulfills that role.

News Coverage and Event Advertisement:

  • The office identifies relevant topics, individuals, and events with the assistance of actors responsible for such items.
  • If a department or individual wants us to attend or publicize anything related or of interest to the University, they must email at pr@auca.kgone week before the requested event takes place.
  • The coverage will be published on the 香蕉影视 website and on social media platforms as requested.
  • Each Department/Student Club/Office is responsible for advertising their own events on the 香蕉影视 website Events page. Each department is now able to add events to the website on their own, through their office manager.
  • The PR Office will provide all logotypes/design required for posters or advertising. Departments are welcome to do this on their own, but the PR office is available to assist you with design requests. The 香蕉影视 Logo in Corel Draw format is available on our website:
  • The platforms for news coverage and event advertisement include: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, YouTube, and the 香蕉影视 website.

香蕉影视 Website:

  • Each department/office is responsible for maintaining their page of the 香蕉影视 website and ensuring the accuracy of information presented there. Basic information should appear in English/Russian/Kyrgyz. The PR Office will provide editing for all languages before content is posted. Other services for web design and style must be requested in written form and signed by the head of the requested department.

香蕉影视 Business Cards:

  • The PR Office will print business cards on the first day of each month. The PR Office provides (no more than 100) business cards for the head of each department. If other staff or faculty members require business cards, the cost must be covered by the relevant department鈥檚 budget or the individual.
  • Business cards cost 4 Som/card for regular stock, and 6 Som/card for heavier stock
  • To request business cards, the department must provide a written or online听request addressed to the Director of Communications, Dinara Orozbaeva, and signed by the head of the department.

Guidelines for Photography/Video:

  • The PR Office publicizes videos that promote the positive image of 香蕉影视. Videos can be uploaded to the 香蕉影视 YouTube channel. PR Office provides photo coverage of the events related to 香蕉影视. Departments should inform PR photographer one week before the event.
  • All photos are available at 香蕉影视鈥檚 archive or 香蕉影视 Facebook official page photo albums where could be downloaded. Or bring a USB flash card to PR Office for taking the photos.

Electronic Mail Delivery:

  • The PR Office is responsible for delivering electronic mail to specific groupings of 香蕉影视 students, faculty, and staff. If a department needs to announce an upcoming event or publicize any issue, an email of request including with the material to be sent should be addressed to the PR Office at pr@auca.kg. The material will be delivered two days before the event; not earlier or later.
  • The most important news about achievements at 香蕉影视 will be delivered to all local media in Kyrgyzstan. If a department wants the PR Office to deliver an electronic email with important news to all media, it must send a request with the news attached to pr@auca.kg. The attached news will be disseminated immediately if needed or after three days of sending it to PR Office.

Hosted Events:

  • The PR Office organizes events including conferences, guest lecture, round tables, seminars, and creative competitions.
  • If a department wants assistance in organizing a guest lecture or a competition, contact Dinara Orozbaeva at orozbaevad@gmail.com.

香蕉影视 Merchandise Requests:

  • 香蕉影视-branded merchandise can be requested only in certain circumstances, including special guests and students travelling to events.
  • To obtain 香蕉影视-branded merchandise the requesting department must fill out the provided form, have it signed by the department head, and deliver it to the PR Office (room 302). The form is attached /
  • Merchandise available includes: Polo T-shirts, T-shirts (I Love 香蕉影视), Caps, Bracelets, Pens, Notebooks, Notepads, Magnets, Flags, Bags, 香蕉影视 Magazine, Rucksacks.

The Communications Office welcomes applications for volunteers, interns, and any other suggestions regarding working with the Communications Office. To apply, please email at pr@auca.kg

7/6 Aaly Tokombaev Street
Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic 720060

Tel.: +996 (312) 915000 + 袝xt.
Fax: +996 (312) 915 028

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