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Auditing Courses

Audits are beneficial for students who want to explore courses outside their majors, or those who are interested in courses that may require extraordinary effort to complete during the same semester as their compulsory major courses.

  1. General Regulations and Expectations

1.1 Students may audit a course with the permission of their advisor and the professor.听

Please note: students are not permitted to audit sports or language courses.

1.2 Students may audit up to 12 credits per academic year but no more than six credits per semester.

1.3 The amount of required participation in any given course is left to the discretion of the professor. Expecta颅tions of students auditing the course must be clearly articulated in the course syllabus.

1.4 Students on Academic Probation are prohibited from auditing courses.

  1. Registration

2.1 Audit courses will appear on transcript as 鈥淎U.鈥澨 The 鈥淎U鈥 will not meet admission, prerequisite or course requirements for any University credit program. The 鈥淎U鈥 will not affect the student鈥檚 GPA.

2.2 A student who fails to meet audit expectations may be dropped from the course by the professor. If this occurs, the audit course will not appear on the student鈥檚 transcript.

2.3 Students may not change the status of a course (from audit to credit) after the completion of the registration period.

2.4 A student may withdraw from a course audit at any time; in this case, the course will not appear on the student鈥檚 transcript.

2.5 Students auditing classes will not be considered in the minimum class-size calculations.

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