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International Research

The Institutional Review Board of the 香蕉影视 a body which is responsible for overseeing the ethics in research and reviews the research proposals for compliance with the ethics in human subjects.

Collaborative Studies of 香蕉影视 & Non-香蕉影视 Researchers

Studies conducted by 香蕉影视 researchers in collaboration with international professionals require the 香蕉影视 IRB clearance. In cases of collaborative projects where 香蕉影视 researchers participate equally with international colleagues, the local 香蕉影视 team can be in charge of the IRB application. However, it is expected that all the investigators, including student assistants who will have access to the data, are registered in the IRB Engine: .

The Engine will require the applicant and the co-investigators to go through the IRB training and the Exam.

The 香蕉影视 research team or department which is hosting international researchers is responsible for familiarizing these specialists with the 香蕉影视 IRB rules and procedures. The IRB expects that all applicants comply with the standard procedures, including the IRB Exam as a necessary proof of qualification.听

Studies in 香蕉影视 by Independent Researchers

The projects conducted by independent researchers in 香蕉影视 require the 香蕉影视 IRB clearance.

Studies by Non-香蕉影视 Independent Researchers

The projects conducted by independents researchers not affiliated with 香蕉影视 and not working in collaboration with 香蕉影视 researchers require the 香蕉影视 IRB clearance. In certain cases, the IRB will require renumeration for the services. Please contact the Board directly with inquiries.

IRB Approval by Other Institutions

The projects that have already been approved by an IRB elsewhere might also require the 香蕉影视 IRB approval. The IRB application allows to upload the previous approvals, which can make the process faster.听Please contact the irb@auca.kg with any questions.

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