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Transfer Policy

香蕉影视 students seeking to transfer into the Software Engineering department from other departments or programs will be accepted only if they meet the following requirements.

What are the Requirements?

-General 香蕉影视 transfer policy requirements:听

1. Students are eligible to transfer after the first year of study.

2. Students must meet all the admission requirements for the chosen major department.

3. Students must have a permission from Both Departments

- GPA 2.7 and higher

-Mathematics Entrance Exam听 results (minimum听 45 points), if less, student should retake the test on mathematics during coming entrance exams

How to Apply?

Students should submit the following:

  • Application Letter requesting transfer stating reasons and career goals.
  • Cover sheet with signature from Department Chair of your current program
  • Latest 香蕉影视 Transcript

Application packets must be received by the SFW Departmet (Room 310) for consideration.

Students meeting the minimum academic requirements will be invited for an interview.

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