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"Village Girl" project

Initial Situation / Problem Statement

Girls in rural areas of Kyrgyzstan are very vulnerable and insecure. They are targeted for bride-kidnapping, domestic violence and early childhood marriages. According to UNDP鈥檚 report in 2016 on 鈥淰iolence against Women and Girls鈥, the cases of early marriage are noted in all regions, but the most widespread were in Naryn and Chui oblasts (about 13%), the least - in Bishkek (2.4%). As it is analyzed in the report, more than 20% of marriages in the Kyrgyz Republic happen through the abduction of a woman/girl. The abduction of a woman/girl for marriage in rural areas occurs twice as much as in urban areas.

Thus, girls are in a very vulnerable situation, which is alarming and requires taking action. They are human beings and should have freedom to make their own decisions. Therefore, it is crucial to invest in their healthy, happy and successful future, as they are going to bring a new generation.

The project 鈥淰illage Girl鈥 is the continuation of 2018 activities that was led by Meerim Nurlanbekova, 香蕉影视 alumni. In 2019, Aigul Saparova took the initiative to continue this project, the focus of which is creating a positive 鈥榞irl power鈥 culture. In addition, the second round of the Village Girl Project included the objective of improving the relationship between a daughter and parents. Success, self-confidence, responsibility and being independent start right from the families. It is crucial for the teenagers and parents to have this unique connection because the stronger the family, the stronger the youth!

Target Group

16 former participants of the first round of the project in order to enhance the skills and knowledge they gained the year before. They are 16-17 year-old girls studying in 10th and 11th grades from four schools (i.e., Kydyraliev, Jundubaeva, Kalygul Bai uulu, Arabaev schools) in Kochkor village, Naryn region.

Additionally, 13 parents went through a special 2 hours long training on building stronger relationships with their daughters.

Goal Statement

To create a positive 鈥榞irl power鈥 culture by empowering high school girls in remote Kochkor village, Naryn region; to enable them to reach their full potential and nurture their leadership skills by organizing 3-day workshop and panel discussions on capacity building and self-development. The objective is to make them shift the prevailing paradigm of girl culture in their village and become more confident in shaping their own future. In other words, to raise an awareness of girl鈥檚 power and girl鈥檚 empowerment by equipping these girls with necessary skills for them to create a life they wish to live in.听


First, 3-day workshops on gaining hard and soft skills and panel discussions on building self-love, self-confidence and strong parent-daughter relationship in Kyrgyz language are organized. Each workshop is carefully structured by the trainers and backed up with their real stories of failure and success.听

Second, a gynecologist is invited to conduct a session on reproductive health awareness for girls. Also, a professional trainer Mrs. Seyil is hired to lead our adult learning session for parents called 鈥淢y Child Is Not Alone!鈥; she works as a psychologist in Bishkek and often travels around Kyrgyzstan conducting trainings for school teachers, parents and the youth in general.听

Third, after the workshop, participants should conduct at least three workshops听by themselves in their schools for other girls within one academic year. They are to be supervised by Cholponai Batyrbekova, a local leader and an alumna of the FLEX program, via regular meetings once a month.

Resources and Responsibilities

There are 8 people in the team who are passionate about their topics based on which they lead workshops and sessions:

  • Aigul Saparova - project coordinator

Sophomore student at 香蕉影视 majoring in Business Administration

Workshop and session topics: 鈥淪elf-care: life hacks I can use to take care of my physical body鈥 and 鈥淢ental Health鈥

  • Cholponai Batyrbekova - project coordinator assistant

FLEX Alumna 2019 and a manager of English Zone Kochkor

  • Aidin Turganbekov 鈥 FLEX program coordinator assistant

Freshman student in Sociology at the 香蕉影视

Workshop and session topics: 鈥淟eadership: Ways of discovering leadership skills in myself鈥 and 鈥淧rofessional Orientation and opportunities: Who do I want to become鈥

  • Cholpon Dobulbekova 鈥 FLEX鈥18 and Sustainable Development Goals Ambassador

Workshop and session topics: 鈥淕irls contribution in achieving SDGoals鈥 and 鈥淭ime Management鈥

  • Saltanat Erkinbekova 鈥 FLEX鈥17 and Representative of UN Women in Kyrgyzstan

Junior Student in ICP department, 香蕉影视

Workshop and session topics: 鈥淒igital Literacy鈥

  • Zhannat Abdraimova 鈥撎齈ro.kg Leadership Program alumna

Junior student of BA department, 香蕉影视

Workshop and session topics: 鈥淓Q and IQ: What鈥檚 more important?鈥

  • Seyil Kaldybaeva 鈥 a psychologist听at Eldik Medicine Clinic听

Couch and expert at aha.kg (online education platform)

Workshop and session topics: adult learning: 鈥淢y Child Is Not Alone!鈥

  • Uulzhan Bekturova

Team building activities and time management session

Social media management

Partnerships and Cooperation

American Councils for International Education (ACCELS) 鈥 FLEX assistant coordinator leads a session on exchange opportunities and scholarships.听

Eldik Medicine Clinik 鈥 the psychologist holds training for parents.

New Generation Academy (NGA) 鈥 the program alumna is one of the trainers who shares NGA information lists within 鈥渙pportunities鈥 sessions.听

English Zone Kochkor 鈥 the manager of the EZ Kochkor is a coordinator assistant of the 鈥榁illage Girl鈥. She conducts monthly meetings with the girls at English Zone.听

Jundubaeva school - school principal Ainura Aitalievna.

Kalygul Bai uulu school - school principal Dayir Amanov.

Kydyraliev school - school principal Nuriia Alievna.

Arabaev school - school principal Jyrgal Sheishenovna.


SIDP covers the main costs: transportation, food, accommodation for 6 trainers, stationary and mobile phone expenses.听

The local community represented as a school named after Ninakan Jundubaeva provides a free place to conduct workshops for two days as well as the project leader鈥檚 family gives free accommodation for three trainers.

Timeframe and Milestones
  • October 18-23, 2019 鈥 meeting with the staff team (teambuilding)
  • October 24th, 2019 鈥 contacting participants to confirm their participation. Calling to each parent of the project attendee in order to invite them to the adult learning session by the professional trainer
  • October 27th, 2019 鈥 shopping for stationery and food
  • October 30th, 2019 鈥 meeting with the staff team again to go through each training
  • November 1st, 2019 鈥 heading to Kochkor
  • November 2-3-4, 2019 鈥 project implementation

Contact Information

Aigul Saparova - saparova_a@auca.kg听

SNS: ,

7/6 Aaly Tokombaev Street
Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic 720060

Tel.: +996 (312) 915000 + 袝xt.
Fax: +996 (312) 915 028

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