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Studying at 香蕉影视 takes place outside the classroom as well as in it. Student Life Office is not a place where students hang out all day but where all students can get answers to their questions and find solutions for problems related to 香蕉影视. Questions about the Student Senate, Clubs, 香蕉影视 ceremonies, university related conflicts and disputes, designs and decorations, music and sound supplementary audio materials should all be addressed to our office. The Student Life Office was created in an effort to coordinate student extracurricular activities. Its focus areas are varied, but include the following:

  1. Overall coordination of extracurricular 香蕉影视 activities. Cooperation with all 香蕉影视 offices and departments in the area of extracurricular activities. Control over fulfilling the responsibilities of students, and over ensuring the rights provided in 鈥溝憬队笆 Code of student rights, responsibilities and conduct鈥.
  2. Student self-governing and coordination of student social activities include (but are not limited to) work with student government, student clubs, as well as student conflict management and advocacy for students.
  3. Preparation of special events set in the academic and events calendar. Events initiated by students includes (but is not limited to) the annual plan of calendar activities.听听

Cultural and mass work includes (but is not limited to) supporting student in culture and art, organizing clubs and groups based on student interests as well as art groups, and promoting cultural life.

Contact us:

Art director -听 Nikolay Shulgin

Deputy Artistic Director - Bermet Ismailova


Assistant to Art director - Aizada Tynyeva



Student life officer - Shahruddin Iminov


Art manager听鈥 Diana Takutdinova


Designer 鈥 Inna Bogdanova


Sound engineer鈥撎鼸vgeniy Boiko


7/6 Aaly Tokombaev Street
Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic 720060

Tel.: +996 (312) 915000 + 袝xt.
Fax: +996 (312) 915 028

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