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Student Initiative Development Program

Thanks to generous support from our Trustee Almas Chukin has a wonderful opportunity to expand its activities by financially supporting students鈥 projects since mid-February 2017. During February 2017 - May 2018 SIDP supported more than 20 香蕉影视 students projects, 15 of which were financially supported by Almas Chukin.听

Out of 15 projects, 10 projects were implemented in the education sector, 2 projects focused on promoting art, and 3 projects focused on teaching business skills. In total, project leaders worked with: 1259 school students, 28 women, 16 disabled people, 345 university students, and 30 kids.

SIDP tracks ongoing and completed projects to understand the outcomes and impact. Now it is very clear that the majority of projects implemented by students are successful. They achieve the goals set for the project, empower students to be better leaders and change makers, empower participants/beneficiaries, attract more funding from partners to either continue the project or increase student potential (students are supported to attend international conferences, gain new skills, attend trainings, etc.).

Looking back there is a clear change in students鈥 understanding of leadership and projects implementation. More and more students are now attracted and motivated to implement civic engagement projects, which would require more intense work with students on their skills, thorough evaluation of projects to be financially supported and more funding available to support students.

Matching your gift in support of SIDP will strengthen the programme and opportunities for students.


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