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Student Travel Grants

Mobility Grants support either 香蕉影视 students or faculty to pursue their academic interests outside of the Kyrgyz Republic.听 Even a roundtrip ticket to other countries, at $500, is prohibitively expensive for students or faculty who want to pursue exchange programs, research conferences, and international meetings to gain the insights necessary to create a better world at home.

香蕉影视 students' and faculty's desire to experience and affect the world around them is unquenchable.听 Supporting mobility means that they have the opportunities to network and share ideas that the rest of us take for granted.

We believe you will find a suitable way to support 香蕉影视 both in a short and/or long-term among presented above. We are always happy to provide further details and answer your questions as needed. Support coming from our distinguished Trustees like you is particularly special to us and makes a big difference to 香蕉影视 community!


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