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Transfer Credits from Bard College

Students participating in exchange program with Bard College are taking 16-17 credits (full time student load) at Bard College. Before registration for courses at Bard student has to discuss course selection with advisor and Coordinator of Department and get the selection approved. Credits will be transferred if there is an equivalent course at 香蕉影视 upon syllabus provision by student.

Full time student load at Bard will be transferred as fulltime student load at 香蕉影视. 1 four-credit course from Bard College can be transferred as one 6 credit course at 香蕉影视. The decision on credits transfer is made by the relevant Department Coordinator.

Sports Courses:

Sport is not offered at Bard as a course but students can attend different sports sections or be member of the sports team. It can count towards their sports requirements. Student needs to provide a certificate from Bard Director of Athletics with indication of number of hours.听

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