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Mission and Learning outcomes

Our Mission

Our mission is to help Masters students to professionalize their knowledge, sthregnthen theoretical foundations and obtain solid research and technical skills necessary for them to advance their careers.听

Learning outcomes

  • Knowledge of the advanced concepts and theories in anthropology and of foundation concepts and theories in archaeology, urbanism and international development;
  • Ability to eloquently communicate their ideas verbally and in writing;
  • Ability to conduct ethnographic research, analyze field data, produce inferences and synthesize research findings;
  • Specific knowledge and skills related to the chosen field of specialization:

Anthropology and Archaeology specialization:

  • Knowledge of archaeological theory, concepts and history of archaeology as a discipline;
  • Ability to carry out archaeological excavation and analysis.

Urbanism specialization:

  • Knowledge of main concepts and theories in the field of urbanism;
  • Specific urban planning, urban design and project management skills.

International Development specialization:

  • Knowledge of core concepts, theories and history of international development;
  • Ability to connect international concepts of development with specific socio-cultural context where these ideas are applied;
  • Practical skills necessary for carrying out development projects.

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