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Anthropology and International Development

Undergraduate Program

Why study with us?

Welcome to the Department of Anthropology and International Development. Here, we launch a thrilling voyage to comprehend the richness of human cultures and explore values, norms, and practices which shape our everyday lives.

While historical artifacts and traditional cultures were once the primary focus of anthropological research, in this ever-evolving times, our existence is woven into the global fabric and is influenced by a myriad of factors, the global market, the mandates of international organizations, evolving global standards, geopolitical dynamics, diverse religious beliefs and breakthroughs in technology. Thus, we place equal emphasis on understanding the global and international forces that shape
our lives. This shift has elevated the relevance of anthropological perspectives across various aspects of life, making anthropologists sought after in numerous fields. The lens of Anthropology extends its influence into real-world applications such as international development projects, advertising, public relations, filmmaking, journalism, policymaking, creative writing, and marketing.

What do we study?
Our four-year anthropology and international development program is designed with three primary goals. First, we aim to equip our students with competence in the essential methods of anthropology. Second, we seek to inform and inspire them about the evolving directions within the discipline. Finally, we provide students with hands-on fieldwork experience guided by academic advisors. We also offer a comprehensive understanding of the connections between anthropology and other social science disciplines and professions, providing our students with a broad perspective to navigate a rapidly changing world. We offer an intellectual environment where our
students acquire the tools essential to understand and analyze the complex fabric of human experience and put this knowledge in the service of society.

After graduation
Our students can find work in various fields: international and local development organizations, government sectors, businesses, public relations, filmmaking, journalism, policymaking, and marketing. Furthermore, for students aspiring to pursue an academic career in Anthropology and International Development, we are delighted to provide opportunities for international exchange programs with which 香蕉影视 has established connections (such as Bard College, and the Central European University, among others) and beyond.

We would like to see you on our thrilling expedition, where knowledge, skills, and the ability to
make a meaningful impact combine!

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